Shany Brow Game

Up Your Brow Game

Do you have unruly brows that just can’t be tamed? Need to find a way to fill in your brows for beautiful definition? SHANY has all the tools you need to keep your eyebrows in shape. Find out which SHANY eyebrow brush does what with this super helpful chart....

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New Trend: The Anti Cat-Eye

The latest Summer 2015 trend straight from the runway is the Anti Cat-Eye. Seen at the Prada, Narciso Rodriguez, and Céline fashion shows, the Anti Cat-Eye features bold eye liner with an unexpected twist. Find out how you can look like you just stepped off the runway with the current hottest eye liner trend....

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Conceal & Heal

Everyone gets skin imperfections, but it’s easy to keep it a secret with SHANY. Whether you have blemishes, dark spots, under-eye circles, or scarring, SHANY can help you conceal and heal. Our miracle formulas are perfect for all skin tones and won’t irritate your skin. Easily apply one of our many SHANY concealers and you’re ready to take on the day....

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All About That Case

Do you have messy makeup drawers? Does it take forever to find the exact eyeliner you need? Does your bathroom look like a makeup store exploded in it? Get organized with SHANY. Our super durable and fashionable makeup train cases have lots of compartments for all your cosmetics. ...

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Foundation 101

You don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars getting that cover model complexion. SHANY foundations will give you that high quality flawless finish at an affordable price. Our foundations are paraben free and talc free, so you can be sure that you’re only applying ingredients that your skin will thank you for....

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dance makeup

SHANY Dance Essentials

Dance is a very expressive medium, so you want to make sure that your facial features stand out. You are going to need makeup that lasts under the heat of the stage lights and through the glistening. When it comes to stage makeup, less is not more, so don’t hold back....

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Get That Glow!

Are you looking for a glamorous dewy glow? You can carry beautiful soft lighting in a bottle with Paraben Free HD Liquid Shimmer Luminizer! This portable bottle houses a long-lasting liquid highlighter to give you that gorgeous Hollywood glow....

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It is obvious why The Masterpiece 7 Layers All In One Makeup Set in REMIX is so popular. With its wide selection of shades, this makeup set has everything you need. Fans have been raving about its high quality and affordable price. Just see what Jasmine thought about her purchase....

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The Ultimate Prom & Formal Beauty Guide

Prom and Formal season is upon us. Although the party may last one night, the memories will last a lifetime. Countless pictures will be taken, and you need to be photo ready. It’s going to be a long, fun night so make sure your makeup lasts....

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Get That Matte!

Do you struggle with a shiny face? Get off the struggle bus at the next stop. The SHANY Oil Control Mattifier absorbs excess oils to give you the perfect soft matte finish of your dreams! Just apply it alone or under foundation for a long-lasting silky smooth look....

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Flawless Foundation Application

If you haven’t heard by now, SHANY makeup brushes are all the rage. With their high quality and affordable price, we’re not surprised! There are many kinds of brushes designed for different looks. Foundation brushes are no different. Check out our helpful chart detailing the various functions of our foundation brushes, and get the perfect coverage with these tips....

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Gorgeous New Trend: Bright Blue Eye Makeup

Fashion designer Elie Saab introduced a brilliantly beautiful new makeup trend at Paris Fashion Week. Gorgeous bright blue eye makeup graced the runway, and we fell in love with it. Here is what you need to know about the newest trend and how you can get this stunning look with SHANY....

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Say No To Fakeup

Browsing on Pinterest, you may see a pin about your favorite cosmetic priced 75% off. It may say that the price is so low because it’s purchased directly from the manufacturer....

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Get The Look: Cosmopolitan Makeup

Get out your Cosmopolitan EyeBook Makeup Palette and I Love Bamboo Brush Set for this gorgeous makeup look. Before you start adding color, prime your face and prep using your favorite SHANY foundation and concealer....

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“En Plein Air” Spring 2015 Color Trends

This year’s Spring Pantone Fashion Colors are transitioning toward the cooler end of the color spectrum. With soft neutrals, pastels, and celestial colors, this spring’s palette is reminiscent of folkloric art and dreamy landscapes that bring a sense of tranquility....

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Spring Break Beauty Tips

Spring break is finally here! It’s time for laying out on the sand, swimming in the sea, and relaxing on the shore. While you enjoy your free time, we have some great tips for staying healthy and beautiful at the beach....

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