Get The Look: Cosmopolitan Makeup

Get out your Cosmopolitan EyeBook Makeup Palette and I Love Bamboo Brush Set for this gorgeous makeup look. Before you start adding color, prime your face and prep using your favorite SHANY foundation and concealer....

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“En Plein Air” Spring 2015 Color Trends

This year’s Spring Pantone Fashion Colors are transitioning toward the cooler end of the color spectrum. With soft neutrals, pastels, and celestial colors, this spring’s palette is reminiscent of folkloric art and dreamy landscapes that bring a sense of tranquility....

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Spring Break Beauty Tips

Spring break is finally here! It’s time for laying out on the sand, swimming in the sea, and relaxing on the shore. While you enjoy your free time, we have some great tips for staying healthy and beautiful at the beach....

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Go Vegan For Beauty With SHANY

Do you want perfectly flawless makeup results while being eco-friendly? SHANY has brush sets made from high quality vegan materials. These brushes were designed in the USA with a team of highly trained makeup artists....

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British Beauty & Fashion Trends from the 1960s

In honor of London Fashion Week, we’re going back in time. Strutting down Carnaby Street or King’s Road in 1960’s London, you would be bombarded with a fashion revolution. Inspired by music and art, the mod movement took over with youths rejecting middle class culture and embracing high-fashion and streamlined looks. ...

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The History of New York Fashion Week

New York City wasn’t always the fashion capital it is today. American fashion journalists would often travel to Paris for the most stylish looks, but when WWII hit and France was heavily involved, they couldn’t visit to get the latest fashions for their magazines. Enter Eleanor Lambert....

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A SHANY Makeup Expiration Guide

Hey #SHANYnation! By now, if you follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, or Instagram, you know about our amazing new paraben free collection of makeup that was made right here in the USA! What you might not know is just how long you should keep using your makeup. ...

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High Fashion Looks for Less!

Whether you were glued to your tv during the ceremony or out doing something fabulous and missed it, the Golden Globes just happened! Anyone who’s anyone was there looking incredibly fashionable....

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The New Year is Almost Here!

Phew! It’s been a whirlwind of ups and downs this year, hasn’t it? We launched a brand new website, a brand new collection, had amazing photoshoots with noted fashion photographer Jay Marroquin...

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It’s Time to Prime!

Not many makeup users realize just how important even a little bit of primer can be. Whether it’s for foundation or eyeshadow, primer can make a fantastic makeup look last all day long! Regardless of weather, wear and tear, or activity, a primer can elevate any look. SHANY’s expert makeup artists and developers know this, so we released an all new line of primers that are talc AND paraben FREE....

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A New Collection of Foundations

SHANY has just released a new collection just in time for Christmas! By now, you know about our amazing new eyeshadow, lip colors, and even our perfect on-the-go EyeBooks. What you might now know about are our all new paraben and talc free hypoallergenic foundations! That’s right: your favorite eyeshadow palette makeup company has amazing new foundations just for you....

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The Only EyeBook You’ll Ever Need

Our fabulous SHANY nation is always on the look for the next great trend regardless of industry! We know that you are all modern and enterprising people, so we want to provide products that complement your style and acumen. Our newest collections of clever eye shadow palettes come in several lovely styles and are designed to look like Apple Ipads!...

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Don’t Miss This Train!

Our Modern Pro Slim Train Cases are on sale right now along with up to 40% off the entire site! December is the month of giving after all, so SHANY wants to give back to its wonderful #SHANYnation! To celebrate our New Collection, you can enjoy sales all throughout the month of December....

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